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Once upon a time we did live sessions.

Capturing the 'real life' of live performance, across interesting sites in Reykjavík and beyond. We've worked with and featured new and establshing artists such as: BSÍ, MSEAJelena ĆirićAxel Flóvent, ÁstaBetween MountainsCeasetone, Benin City and Tuvaband.

Live and unplugged.

New music is natural to us. Doing things differently is our urge. 
It's only right then, that in 2020 we are changing scope - progressing to create a label + promotions wheel to force movement in amongst the craters and push beyond the glaciers.


Just about Anywhere goes.

run before you can walk.

We filmed in an underpass, an old city-block apartment stairwell, the basement at KEX, the boat to Viðey, a multistorey carpark, a healthy soup shop, an empty stage at Iðnó (RIP), and Airwaves 2018. We even held our own Showcase Stage.

Our aim is to connect. To create the conditions for new ties, local and international; building relationships + infrastructure to promote our artists to new levels, riding new waves.

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moments till now

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