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There we were, standing mesmerised, watching London band Girlhood riff through what already sound like hits. All of them. Through each one thinking 'that would sound great unplugged.'

A quick after-set chat, long walk, and street corner later there we were. Tessa & Sarah ready to do their first ever 'a cappella' rendition of Bad Decisions.

No rehearsal, no prior thought. Just the moment. We captured the energy between the two - something to behold, and of course, the vocals.


Like a dream.

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The festival provided us with a chance to catch

Axel here in reykjavík, and capture his charming personality 'unplugged' in a worthy location.

The decadent setting of safnahúsið (or culture house.) was a perfect fit. Off up the stairs we went, to the meeting room. Old paint, old chairs, old tables.

A room full of history, full of stories. Another one soon to join them. We set the camera and let Axel go.

My did he go, his voice echoing the room like a shooting star. So much feeling.


The dynamic between any band is the key element to the live performance. For Tuvaband that energy is pure and alive.

Standing in a sort of circle, at the front of Fríkirkjan, feeding from that energy, the band created a living organism. An intensity and focus which for about three minutes was totally unbreakable.

The swaying, the smiles, the glances. Just vibing. Live music in churches is usually amazing but for this stripped back version of 'Horses' it was something else. Something ethereal. A fitting location.


We asked a lot of Benin City. Take your sound, your style, your being. And unplug it. All of it.


Reinterpret yourselves.

A challenge Josh, Shanaz & Tom got straight into, like ducks to water (a lot of those behind us, too.)

It was a joy to behold. One solid run-through, and like the song "let's start again" ... well, the second go was just perfect. The band totally in the moment.

Dancing along, the message remains the same: go out and embrace being, embrace yourselves, and have fun along the way.


Over the course of Iceland Airwaves 18', we took to the streets.
Roaming with camera in-hand to capture a host of new, exciting local and international artists, performing live and unplugged.

Embodying the atmosphere, energy and intimacy of the festival
celebrating its 20th year.

Icelandic Music
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