if there is one thing we will never tire of, it's the beauty in the simplicity of a good acoustic guitar (+ player!) and a heartfelt vocal. we couldn't have asked for more with singer & songwriter, árný.


living in reykjavík, but from the tiny village of kirkjubæjarklaustur - on the south coast of ísland - árný took the opportunity to follow a dream, putting her natural talent for songwriting to the forefront and we were lucky to have her and siggy perform for us. 

árnýs delicate voice settles into the cafe surrounding with their rendition of 'if i could', building to powerful heights. something out of the ordinary, that we were lucky enough to capture.

on paradise...

"my mind always wandered to this moment I experienced, at the beginning of this summer...and hour away from reykjavík, mountains on one side, sea on the other... and I experienced, just, like, this feeling of freedom, and I was really aware of how much life has to offer."




listen to new single 'higher' on spotify

reykjavík, ísland

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