the paradís sessions:


some time has passed since our last - and first - session of 2019. vacation, work, endless sunshine (that's an excuse here in iceland) has interrupted the workings since we saw jelena light-up gróttuviti in a cappella style.

so the 'come-back' session has to be good, doesn't it? we've been out filming with many exciting artists, all of whom we're eager to show soon enough, but it seemed most appropriate to start with ásta.


having made the switch from more classical designs, as a viola player, earlier this year ásta made the move to singer-songwriter (and even participated in our second, live 'sumar series.')

splitting time between reykjavík and flateyri - in the westfjords - ásta has really struck up a golden talent. her lyrics have already been awarded for their skill and prose by musiktilraunir (the music experiments competition, home to previous winners such as of monsters and men and vök.)


so where to host such a session? ásta had the perfect place in mind. 38 þrep - a unique, boutique shop on laugavegur selling fine italian wears. a place ásta spent much of her youth - a home-from-home if you like. whilst her mum worked there ásta was growing-up there.

we rock up when the store had just closed, and start about finding the angles, thinking about where to shoot. there are many options to consider, as onlookers take interest through the big, open shopfront windows.

we finally set-up in the changing booth, of all places. a cosy corner of the shop, with a big, antique mirror providing a sort of world-into-worlds as ásta performed and we filmed. thought provoking, even somewhat reminiscing to experience.

and so ásta went about singing 'mundilfari.' slight of vocal, soft and measured, bellowing loud in moments, echoing around the small chamber. the joy is clear to see, asta smiling mid-set, mid-vocal even. so much passion, so much meaning, it's difficult not to feel in such close quarters...

now the passersby can't see, and don't think to enquire through the glass, since ásta is tucked away at the back of the shop. but we were lucky to be there for such a performance. 

on paradise...
“paradise captures and embraces imperfections and flaws and turns them into something beautiful and charming. and since I’m such a perfectionist, that was really freeing for me.”




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