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bagdad brothers

and so we come to the self-proclaimed blue skies band. bjarni and sigurpáll, aka the bagdad brothers, who certainly pulled out all the stops for sun here. 

it was the perfect day to take a stroll. in fact, this was the epitomy of our live sessions - just wandering the heart of reykjavik. strumming the guitar and singing along, capturing it all, as the world passes by.

fresh from the release of their ep 'jæja' in may, released by the collaberative, grassroots, post-dreifing collective, the band have been busy playing a host of shows, some festivals and planning for adventures abroad.

they actually played several songs for us, all of which were epic. for this day of filming though, we had our first run-in with technical difficulties. something, somewhere, was interfering with our mic - not ideal. but that's life, and as is our ethos, we have made something, and captured something particularly genuine and raw.

bjarni, leading with vocals, is a crooner at heart. so much charisma, and so natural to him when performing. sigurpáll, on guitar, is more focussed on the job at hand but every so often there's a glimpse, in a smile, of the joyful moment. together, the band are charming in person and in song.

when stripped back, like here, there's an intimacy to the performance, a different kind of energy to the full band. it's something very wholesome, a closer peek to the workings of the bagdad brothers.

on paradise...

"a world where the working class collectively holds the means of production, and imperialist oppression is nonexistent."





reykjavík, ísland

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