between mountains

in the first of our sessions we ever-so-slightly broke our rule, of course we did. but it was worth having a tiny amount of electricity to accompany the special talents of katla vigdís og ásrós helga - otherwise known as between mountains.

up from the west of ísland, in the far-out and soul searching westfjords, we took advantage of the band being in town one day in june.

having already won the icelandic music experiments in april 2017 (see: mammút, of monsters & men, etc) and, now, just being crowned the best 'new band' at the icelandic music awards, it was with great excitement we waited, as they set-up their instruments with boundless smiles.

raw but charming, with soaring vocals even in such a small space. the enthusiasm in their perfoamce, as clear to see, whilst the harmonies flow in 'lost in space'. chorus to chorus and by the end of the last 'oooh' we were all smiling too.

on paradise...

"i think you can find a bit of paradise in everyday life, like, just living. because we form paradise with these things that we do everyday. so i really think that we are living a bit of paradise, every day. by doing something that we love every day. and we form paradise with these things that we love and we do."

reykjavík, ísland

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