the paradís sessions:


with their first ep out only a month ago (self-titled three-track via why not? plötur and tomatenplatten) bsí are hot music property, and with good reason.

brussels sprouts international are the high octaine, high energy two-piece made of sigurlaug thorarensen and julius rothlaender. the duo provide the perfect punch. 

raw, energetic, kind of like a mini tornado hitting you politely. 

even when causing a pile-up-by-traffic, both julius and sigurlaug, aka silla, are perfectly charming. there is nothing not to like about this band.

we love the diy feel so much. a mash up of raw - pop - punk - riot. we had to get them in for a session. 


we needed a fitting location. somewhere big, but not finished. somewhere loud but room to be quiet. somewhere with a diy feel. we had just the place.

underneath the popular hostel & bar kex, lies a ground level basement where the odd party or big gig has occurred. a huge, empty, open canvas, not fully furnished (or refurbished) and still largely industrial. stuff lying around. bits of the wall hanging. perfect for causing a scene.

we sent out the charge: let's play some drums, smash things up, and see how it sounds? silla and julius had thought a lot about this - with the kind of dedication that makes the bands' music so immediate and affecting. 

a bass drum from an old suitcase (with the pedal), some kitchenware as a high hat. oh, wait. something has fallen off. fix it a little tighter. we're all set!


other than for the loud, unsettling bomb-like sound from the construction site next door (what were they doing? we have no idea) this was a brilliant experience.

exactly how you'd imagine a stripped-down version of bsí to be. loud, raw, catchy.  giving everything. an anything-is-possible approach that comes to life as silla's poetic vocal breaches over the bashing drums and julius' deep, rhythmic guitar. it had us moving, for the rest of the day.

on paradise...

"paradise to us is going to the cinema at Hverfisgata 54."





reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

Reykjavík, Iceland.

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