everything was epic about this one, instalment number three. sumar had truly sprung, it was an icelandic heat wave. and hafsteinn þráinsson aka "haffi" aka ceasetone dropped by to play what ended up an 8 song set. full of colour and energy.

away from the bigger sound the band has carried the last few years, following from his 2017 ep 'stranded.' haffi played with only an acoustic guitar and þórdís on cello, for this rendition of 'flood.' 

far from being stripped back, the result was the perhaps more. pure enthused power. sound that carried to each corner of the room. reverb flying down from the ceiling. both totally warped, strumming, singing and playing havoc on the bow - all with haffi's wavey vocal sprinkled delicately over. truly, epic.

on paradise...

"it doesn't have to be too dramatic, I think... or romanticised. it is just something that is right here, if you're willing to accept it. What you have in your life already, and, just finding value in everything around you."




reykjavík, ísland

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