Hvað er Paradís? / What is Paradise?

Close your eyes and imagine. What do you see.

The sun, sand and sea. or beaches, piers and palm trees.

We believe in something different.

The cold air, the morning frost, the sound of freezing waves on a cold Icelandic morning.
Snowy mountains, glaciers, the midnight sun.

Reykjavík er Paradís.

We capture all of these elements and more in our series of unique ‘unplugged’ live, recorded sessions.


We showcase how beautiful the city can be, and how a whole host of sources contribute to an idea of what makes paradise. To re-imagine what contributes: from simply the weather, to community,and ultimately, to local artists and music.

To reveal the talent and inspiration that drive our paradise here in Reykjavík.

reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

Reykjavík, Iceland.

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