the paradís sessions:

elín elísabet

we picked up the multitalented elín elísabet from her studio space, out by the sea. guitar-in-hand and ready to go. we had a couple of possible filming locations in mind for this one, the first edition of our new session series...

driving back into the heart of downtown, rvk 101, we settled upon a charming old, reykjavík apartment stairwell. the 'shoe-stop' and 'coat rack' for some good friends quickly became the 'backdrop' to some heartfelt, acoustic moments, for about an hour or so.

and what a setting. with the bristling silence at the top of the hallway, off the main highstreet and away from the hussle. with bright, reverberant acoustics. and not to mention, some very fashionable wall paper.

an artist in every sense, elín took some time away from songwriting, but is back now and in full flow. as well as her solo project, there's the amazing illustration and other musical endeavours. not least, kórus the choir, made up of local creatives in the art/music scene here.

and so to the performance. a fixed gaze, with eyes wide open, strumming along and very much in the moment. this was the perfect way to start the series. elín's vocal is pure but powerful. focussed. indeed, everything about this performance had meaning. and as we watch the video back now, it's easy to get carried away with that intensity and feeling.


a very special skill to have as a performer, and very fortunate of us to be able to capture it.

on paradise...

"all of my first thoughts about paradise are weather related. first of all there's no wind, at most a mild, warm breeze. the temperature is somewhere between 15 and 19°C. i'm by the sea and everything is quiet expect for the sound of tiny waves smooching the pebbles and sand. i have nothing to do."




reykjavík, ísland

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