the paradís sessions:

finnur sigurjón

to session number #6 - and the chance for us to finally take the sessions to viðey. this is something we've long since wanted to do. and what a pleasure to be able to take finnur sigurjón along for the journey.

meeting in the ticket office and getting our bearings together, the weather was just about holding up. until we got onto the boat, that is. luckily, this was one of the 'stages' for finnur and there was even a small audience of visitors heading to the small outpost of viðey.

waiting for the turn-around (and the most of the engine noise) we prepped, on somewhat shaky footing, and got set. but more on that one later on...

for now, we turn attention to the island itself. a playground for adults, is how we'd describe it - a once bustling part of the city of reykjavík, now all but knocked down and the home for many an art project (including yoko ono's peace tower.) there are a few original buildings left standing and/or renovated: the school, the cafe and the church.

the on-off, on-off again rain had returned so we tried our luck with the church door. there was an inkling before during our preparation that this spot could be magic. and immediately on entering we knew it would be. the acoustics of this tiny building were amazing. we had to do a song here. 

finnur taking place by a window, and a few of our boat fellows lining a small staircase to get more of a feel, we began. finnur is a gentle individual, who fits in well with everything around him. confident, and quietly charismatic, this felt like he was serenading us, to be honest. 

a joyous occasion and someone at the top of our 'ones to watch' list. we can't wait to see what follows from him.

on paradise...

"a state of mind when you really feel at ease with yourself and everyone around you. exploring, playing and loving without fear. feeling grateful."



reykjavík, ísland

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