marteinn sindri

multi-talented marteinn sindri joined us on a warm july afternoon, accompanied by his equally talented sister, katrín helena, to share his warmthful folk & acoustic melodies.

trained in philosophy and classical piano, speaking with marteinn is a joyful experience. even when you interrupt him with your camera - spying on the vocal warm-ups in the storage area. always polite, there's a sense about him that he has seen it all.

and experience, like for most, is something you can hear and feel in 'heim til míns hjarta.' especially when holding a camera so close. soft and eloquent, the sounds are polite in style but direct in meaning. poigntant yet effortlessly cool. much like marteinn himself.

home to my heart, indeed.

on paradise...

"I think for me, especially today, you never have time, and you're always yearning for time. And we're really occupied with the moment, in the modern age - which is time as well - catching the moment ... I think time is what is alluding us some how."

reykjavík, ísland

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