the paradís sessions:

the paradís sessions:


meeting for coffee at hlemmur mathöll, we had bright ideas of filming this session in the middle of the food hall - situated in the old bus station at hlemmur.

we'd talked over plans with hanna mia, aka mill, and settled down to our kaffi when it suddenly dawned: all the speakers were pointing to all the perfect spaces. it wasn't possible. and so went a good twenty minutes deliberating, laughing, running off to test another spot. and another. and we found one. 


tucked round the corner, just by the entrance - rabbar barinn. and amongst the local veg, fresh sandwiches and soups, there was just enough space for mill and the ukelele. right in the action. perfect.

but of course life is not that easy, and so albeit for the lovely, accommodating staff, and a spot tucked away from the sounds of the speakers. the rest of the food hall had realised exactly the same as us: this was the spot.


a little waiting, false-starts and one card failure later (it was a very personal session) we began. us filming next to the low buzz of the refrigerator. mill in front of a colourful array of tomatoes, carrots and peppers. being caught up in the hustle of a busy eatery amongst serving staff ("that's one thousand, six hundred and fifty") was a new experience. it was refreshing and fun.

mill is used to creating on the spot and adapting when necessary - with a project creating one new song every day, for a year. this one, 'i'm fine', is rather apt for the setting and an example of her talent for songwriting. in just one day, to pluck this emotion, to create a story and add so much feeling to lyrics.

it's all just so natural, singing with a quaint, whispy vocal and smooth, almost calming range. it's all quite something to behold.

on paradise...

"a place where I hang out when I’m old, a state of peace in mind - preferably I don’t need to get to old to get there"




reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

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