the paradís sessions:


(& sunna friðjóns)

msea, or maria-carmela, is a longtime resident of reykjavik, making a big impact on the local music and arts scene. from spaced-out sets in the dark, to performances with the weird kids collective and even hosting a multi-disciplinary exhibition around her latest single 'sex self.' 


intriguing, rhetorical lyrics punch through a world of sounds, sometimes conflicting, always engaging. to create stories and question ideals.

this vision, ability to create, recreate and adapt is why we really wanted msea to be a part of our live session series. the unplugged nature is worlds away from her usual, electronic set-up.

we knew something special was brewing when sunna friðjóns  - another wonderful local artist  - joined in the car for the short ride out of reykjavik, into the capital region. accompanied in the car, with a sack full of kitchen trays, utensils and a singing bowl ("all hail the singing bowl")

chatting about cacao experiences on the ride, we found a quiet underpass in hafnafjörður. bright, intense lights, a collection of graffiti and vibrant acoustics. the perfect location. even the birds seemed keen to participate with their own songs, whilst msea and sunna set-up and got to know the space.

what happened next we can only describe as other-worldly. the two vocals harmonies bouncing around the concrete walls, piercing the air, asking "are...thoughts even my own." chills! chills down the back! the sways, the movement, both seeming like they were indeed in another world.

watch, enjoy, and "be alone with your soul..."

on paradise...

"a sense of stillness. no expectations, no desire to be anywhere else. i often connect this to moments spent in nature. on top of a mountain or somewhere where you feel connected to something more than yourself"





reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

Reykjavík, Iceland.

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