Music Services

We are specialists in Icelandic music. Especially new Icelandic music

Undertaking sessions with new artists on the cusp here in Reykjavík puts us right in the middle of what's new.
At the heart of all things happening in the music industry.

If you feel like your business, enterprise or organisation could use such knowledge,
or some specialist assistance with a music-related project, read on below.

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From day-to-day we capture moments.

Taking artists & musicians out of their comfort zone to create something special.

We've scanned Reykjavík (and Iceland) high and low for the best in new bands to work with. Always on the pulse.

So much so, we even held our own Showcase Stage at Iceland Airwaves in 2018. So we know live music.

If you need a live event curated, are looking for a band for an event, or maybe require some consultancy on how to put something on. We can help.





Since we spend most our time out with musicians, or checking out links to new tracks, we're often collating playlists too.

Whether it be for some background to an event,
atmosphere for a reception or providing a cosy mood
for your cafe / bar. We can handle it.

To enjoy the moment, you have to enjoy the experience. We'll find the perfect music to match your environment, and make sure whoever your audience is... there to stay. (esp with Icelandic music!)


This is our bread and butter. Our favourite thing to do.

We specialise in music & events, but if you have a moment you want to capture, we'll make sure we put all of our heart into it.

The background. The setting. The in-between. We'll capture everything on film, roaming amongst the reality.


Putting something together to put you back in the moment, as if you never left. We'll find your paradise.



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(Pictures taken by Patrik Ontkovic)