our story begins...

In the Spring of 2018, when we started putting on unannounced gigs in a cool cafe called Reykjavík Roasters, with some of the best new and up-and-coming artists and bands in the capital. 

au naturel

We didn't send out invites, we just left it to happen, and filmed everything. Tea cups clinking, spoons crashing, the coffee machine working overtime. We took in everything because it was all part of the atmosphere.

And it's all about the atmopshere.

Some music lovers found out, the rest of the audiences were pleasantly surprised. Kaffi drinkers who carried on with their day-to-day, set to a musical background. We held interviews with the artists, asking them what their paradís was. It all set the tone for when we decided to move our sessions out into the spaces and shadows of Reykjavík...



Winter is upon us. It's coat weather now. But no reason to stop filming, and Iceland Airwaves has come round again A time when the city comes alive. This time we're a part of it, staging sessions with a host of artists performing, and hosting our own showcase stage.

What a moment. On the opening day, we took a host of local artists, and our unplugged ethos, and put those elements together for a one-of-a-kind special for the official programme. Featuring Jelena Ćirić, BSÍ, Munstur, Regn, Young Divers, MSEA & Sunna Friðjóns.

The showcase

the year is 2019.

We've done over 20 sessions, capturing the unique landscape of Reykjavík, and the extraordinary talents of so many artists & bands in these surroundings.

Many who've gone on to bigger things. Like playing sessions for KEXP,  being tipped by prominent festivals, winning awards & reaching for the sky.

Now it's time for something new. To help them reach up.

Check out the wall below to see a selection of our moments.


Live the rest on our youtube.

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