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2020 WRAP 🫁

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Spotify is telling you what your favourite genre is, reminding you of some heartbreak pre-lockdown. The tv is telling you how bad everything in the world is right now. Especially in the UK (you guys are f*cked.) And the internet? Reaffirming how equally good & bad human nature can be.

Basically, it's been a chore.

2020 - kick it in the bin, but save the best bits first


Music will always play a huge part in lifting the spirits, keeping us going, encouraging exploration. It couldn't have played any bigger a part of everyone's 2020. Picking up. Getting over. Getting through. Going around. On repeat.

So let's be open: in 2020 we took a lot of the down-time to turn our project around. From live sessions to a new music, independent label. We released our first artist, Jelena Ćirić, and we picked up some really nice press. From the likes of Fame Magazine, Folk Radio UK, About the Noise, Fortitude Mag, She Makes Music, Higher Plain, Great Dark Wonder and many more. Even the radio played it. National broadcaster RÚV (several times, thanks very much) and Amazing Radio.

We enjoyed watching Ásta play live in a shop window front. Took in some much needed vitamin D in the sunshine in Poland. Pet lots of cats. Pet some dogs. Travelled across Iceland a few times. Listened to lots of new music. Both from here in Iceland & around the world (shout outs to Still Pigeon, Yard Act & DØSSI as a few faves.) Lots of things to be proud of.

2020. It's a wrap 🎥

Ásta showcasing another way to capitalism in the shop window

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