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Air Waves and Sessions (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Friday was a great day. First Benin City, and then over to fríkirkjan - only a short walk from Tjòrnin and Iðnó - to meet with illustrious Axel Flóvent. Well known around the world for his touching, poetic songs, this was like a dream. We met after his Airwaves soundcheck, and took the short walk to Safnahúsið (or the Culture House), an historic, decadent building housing much of Iceland's history.

Axel let's rip in the culture house

This was beautiful, melodic, peaceful even. Until the moment he went for it - energy burning and his voice echoing around the chamber. So much feeling. The song title 'Years' very apt for the emotion outpouring.


After a little partying, some more live music and a good(ish) night's sleep, it was time for a Swedish prodigy. And what a beautiful way to end our session activity over Iceland Airwaves.

Following Tuvaband after their soundcheck, in the incredible environment of Fríkirkjan. A perfect fit for the melancholic vibe of the band.

Capturing tuvaband at fríkirkjan

Slightly breaking our unplugged rules, we allowed Tuvaband to maintain a very minimal, quiet vein of electricity in support of the quant, cutting vocal of lead Tuva. The result was epic. Tuva completely in the zone, everybody on the wavelength - swaying, smiling, in the moment.


An incredible experience to film in such a unique setting, with such a lovely group of people.

In fact everyone we worked with over the festival was a pleasure, an experience that we will never forget, with a collection of session videos worthy of a brilliant festival.

You can see all our Airwaves 18' sessions here.

(all pictures captured by Patrik Ontkovic)

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