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Amongst the Sea and the Vegetables

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The first of the new live session series will go online next week.

In the meantime, check out more 'behind-the-scenes' glances from our camera below.


In this post we visit the pretty new - and pretty good - foodhall called Hlemmur Mathöll. The aim of filming here was to capture something unique whilst onlookers continued chomping their meals.

We chose Rabbar Barinn (or the 'chit-chat' bar.) Amongst the healthy mix of fruit, vegetables and soup there was just enough space for Mill (aka Hanna Mia) to stand, ukulele in hand. Of course, as soon as we'd found the perfect spot, Rabbar Barinn became the most popular vendor in whole the food hall. Typical.

A little waiting is never a bad thing though, and allowed us to get some great pictures whilst mill set-up. In front of a quite stunning backdrop: the colours of vegetables.


Next comes Árný, and another fine, sunny day. Again, new Icelandic music here with her album 'See Through' recently out. We picked the pier by Skarfabakki Harbour - overlooking the tiny island of Viðey - and wandered down to the small yellow lighthouse situated at the end.

Perched neatly on the best rocks - we even had a little two-part audience for this one. Firstly the french fishermen, perched on the lower rocks, and then, some walkers who stayed close for the song before kindly applauding.

Photos of Árný and Hanna Mia in situ.

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