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Fun week. Lots happening with our artists. New music on the way. We even snuck into Lucky Records to film something special with Jelena Ćirić.

When it's not possible to play full-scale gigs, everyone is looking for other ways to connect (aren't we all?) Streaming is the buzz word. Stream festival, stream gig, live stream. Everyone is using the camera as the mic, to get the music across to audiences safely sitting on the sofa around the world.

PAUSE: shout out to Boy Pablo for his amazing digital "live performance" of Wachito Rice in full. Just mega. Some top work by the artist, 777 music & Vier Live.)

We figured 'if you can't beat them?' and had only one place in mind when deciding on how and where we set-up our filming for Jelena: Lucky Records.

Mozart in focus while the band prep

Starting as a flea market way back in 2004, Lucky Records is now the biggest record store in Iceland. It's cosy but extensive. All about the music. Less of a store and more of museum where everything is on sale. It was even rated as #91 in the best record stores worldwide by the Vinyl Factory. You could spend hours, basically.

It's a really cool place. Kind of inspirational. Perfect to shoot something fun. Look out for it soon, in the meantime enjoy the view from the camera below.

Always get close-up on the keys

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