Birthdays, Sundaze and Grapevines

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Slow Sunday? Us too, relaxing whilst staving off a cold.

You'll notice there were no live sessions uploaded this last week, and that's because it was birthday week! that meant friends over, days exploring, nights out. Good times. A little relaxing (and a little alcohol...) never goes a miss. And what better time to do both than around a birthday?

birthday team assemble

Next unplugged session to go up is a very special one, and you don't have too long to wait at all. Like, tomorrow...? In the meantime, did you grab a copy of the current edition of the Reykjavík Grapevine? (issue 16 - out until 20th sept so grab one now if not.)

If you did, open to the music section and you'll see an awesome write-up of Paradís Sessions, and our adventure to Viðey with Finnur Sigurjón (for the record, i do like some electricity!) Thanks to Phil for popping over with us, and highlighting the great reverb in the tiny church. A great afternoon.

For those who prefer the screen to the page, the write-up is also online over at

"But we get even luckier. the small but very aesthetically pleasing church on Viðey is open, and we spontaneously decide to record another song there. Again, a little audience forms. Finnur plays through a perfect rendition..." of what? well, go read the article to find out.

Paradise is now! and for now, enjoy your Sunday.

reykjavík, ísland

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