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THEM: "And the award goes to... Jelena Ćirić" THEM CONT. "Shelters one."

US: "Ahhhhh, somebody get the champagne!"


Shelters one is a collection of four songs (Lines, In Time, Concrete, Loughbreeze) each serving as a "shelter" for both musician & listener. A sort-of "user manual" conveying that these songs are a safe space, one to process the kind of feelings you can’t share outwards with others.

They are all a work of art that we are more than proud to release (last November) and work with Jelena to continue winning trophies that look like glass whales.

Shelters one cover art.

Image by Julie Rowland

Embroidery artwork by Jamie Rawlings

All in all, the Icelandic Music Awards (or Íslensku tónlistarverðlaunin) were a super night, showcasing an array of talent and celebrating some shining lights from a difficult year for many in 2020.

If you'd like to listen to Jelena and some of the other winners from the night, Iceland Music have put together a very nice Spotify playlist.

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