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Iceland Airwaves and Paradise

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Iceland Airwaves is the event. A gladiator of new music in the calendar. We were lucky enough to be a part of this year´s official festival programme, hosting a special Paradís Sessions showcase stage at the IA Clubhouse (at Skúli Craft Bar.) We were in good company, with Icelandic Publisher Alda Music and US radio station The Current each taking on the venue for the other Airwaves days.

full house at the clubhouse

As well as playing host to some familar artists, our Paradís stage brought along some new bands to the fold. The aim was simple: to unveil the next bands and artists that are gonna take someone´s breath away, perhaps this year, perhaps next year... The newest of new music here in Iceland.


The festival itself was celebrating a landmark birthday. The 20th year since it begun, in much smaller, and very different circumstances. To celebrate, this year was about bringing back some of that original Iceland Airwaves spark. Smaller venues, focus on the new music, real feeling in downtown. Exciting times.

Jelena Ciric gave a heartwarming performance to start

It's pretty fair to say we kicked off this new edition of Airwaves in style. Hosting the official clubhouse from 3pm on the opening day, Wednesday 7th November, the schedule saw Jelena Ćirić step up first, to a full house and a great atmosphere. A very welcoming audience to the stage transition of our live sessions. As for Jelena, what a special set indeed.

Part 2 out soon.

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