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Iceland Airwaves and Paradise (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Last time out we left you in the capable hands of Jelena Ćirić, the first artist in our Airwaves showcase. The afternoon progressed to evening, and along the way we played host to a variety of artists who came and saw, listened and left us with some of the magic from our more usual 'unplugged' live session set-up.

floor space at the front

We had session familiars BSÍ bring their rock-out-intimacy to the floorspace, followed by Munstur. The two, Atli & Kristinn really blew the house down with something incredible. Less unexpected, just not-before-seen. This electro-acoustic version, far away from their normal audio presentation.


MSEA & Sunna Friðjóns continued the showcase stage, bringing their haunting edge to our stage. The singing bowls took centre stage again as the two wandered the room - like casting spells. That was a real highlight for us.

munstur in the moment

Hip hop outfit Regn (aka Rain) added some electricity before newcomers Young Divers played their first ever live show. This is really what the showcase is all about.

As bigger, well-known artists played all over the city - our space was about showcasing the new, giving a stage to the next. Those trying to make it in the Icelandic music scene.

We are very proud to have that opportunity (thanks Airwaves!), and look forward to providing the same platform to more artists, musicians and bands in 2019. Somebody say sessions?

(all pictures captured by Patrik Ontkovic)

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