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Mixtape Time 📼

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The trolls have been listening closely to the radio over the last few weeks, taping all the best songs to cassette. That cassette has made it's way to us, and we have digitalised it all for Spotify. You can thank us later.

The first in a new series of Paradís mixtapes, this one's a collection of what we consider the best music to listen to from Iceland right now. Some old, some new, some brand new. Lots of independent, breakthrough artists and a couple of big ones thrown into the mix.

Headphones required for this. (Pic of Benin City by Patrik Ontkovic)

If you're connected, you can find the playlist here. Give it a like, if you fancy. You can also listen to your hearts content below, in the player we looped in. 2 hours of audio heaven.

Enjoy. #newmusic #mixtape #playlisting

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