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New Era

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Live (unplugged) sessions have been a passion for us, discovering new artists, charting their rise, presenting a different form of live performance: the 'real life' so to speak.

Ever since finding the La Blogtheque 'Takeaway Shows' we have been fixated on, and determined to promote artists here in Iceland in a similar means. I mean, just take a look at Jeremy Warmsley - strumming for his life outside a French church. Or Beirut, bashing on trash cans as drums. So much raw energy and passion, you can't help but get caught up, be taken in.

Axel Flóvent decorates a chamber in the Culture House with heart

There is always time for a change, though, and we at Paradís Sessions have been deliberating on how to make more of an impact: how to influence and assist the musical careers of the new artists, here in Reykjavík and beyond.

We made the decision to switch operations, to become a label and work with the new music talent in releasing records, and helping them grow. We already have two artists in-house, and our first release coming around the corner.

As a record label, we're setting up to attack. To push artists hard, make big waves with press, radio and other media - and give our growing family of artists a real platform from which to grow and move up the ladder.

It's an exciting time, and we encourage you to keep in-the-loop with happenings. Head to our homepage and scroll to the bottom, where you can add your email to our monthly e-mailout (we don't spam, don't worry.)

Oh and stay safe out there, folks. We are hoping for the worldwide pandemic situation to be brought under control very soon. In the meantime, keep on wearing those masks.

PS001 is around the corner to brighten 2020, so for now, we'll leave you with a subtle hint...

Session alumni Jelena Ćirić all smiles

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