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Paradís er hér / Paradís is here.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It's been a whole year since we started this project, in the open space of Reykjavík Roasters - a kaffihús in downtown Reykjavik. We played host to a new concept: live, unplugged sessions, with a host of new icelandic artists, musicians and bands joining us, against the backdrop of coffee drinking, spoons clinking and general chit-chat.


It was the perfect environment for live music in this way, and inspired us to continue documenting the 'real life' of live performance out-and-about around the streets of Reykjavik. You can read all about our story, the individual sessions, and much more here.


One summer on, and some northern lights to inspire us along the way, we're back out-and-about with the camera. To celebrate a summer of filming and recording, with new, exciting artists, and some more familiar to us, we're having a gig.


Three new artists to the fold with live performances, each to feature with live sessions in the future. All at the wonderfully intimate space of Mengi, in the heart of 101 Reykjavik.

We will continue with our concept, so all the music on the night will be live and unplugged. No microphones, no amps, no electrification at all.

We can't wait. See the poster below for more details.

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