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Pick of the Week

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Exciting times. Our forthcoming live music event at Mengi has been featured as a 'pick of the week' over at the illustrious Reykjavik Grapevine.

We have a great night of live music in store, with Elín Elísabet, MSEA and summer-time feel-good band, Bagdad Brothers, all joining us.


As the writer duly notes, MSEA's music is usually something of an electronic cocktail, taking us in and out of musical and emotional spheres.

We'll see something very different on Thursday, but that's what we're all about at Paradís Sessions. Taking artists out of their comfort zone. Stripping the live performance back entirely. Maybe we'll even hear some "bird calls and animal impressions."


Big thanks must go out to the Grapevine for featuring the relaunch as one of their picks for this week.

If you're not aware of the Grapevine - it's an English language website, and paper, noting all the best, interesting and quirky of news, music and events happening in Reykjavík. You can get a copy in most cultural outlets or shops downtown in 101.

If you want to grab one for yourself, you'll have to be quick, pick it up quick before the next edition comes out!

Issue 6 x 2018 (April 20th - May 3rd)

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