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Place, Space and... Rain pt. 1

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Back to the blog. It's been an exciting week here in Reykjavík filming live sessions with some of the most talented new artists in the city. In some interesting locations.

From the city's cultural (and coffee) hotspot iðnó - as we type, the salsa class is just beginning - to out on the street: bónus, block burger (thanks for the chairs) and a multistorey carpark.

All the sessions this week have been short and sharp. Capturing the moment perfectly in the first take and calling it a day. For the unplugged vibe, we particularly enjoy doing things in this way. Because our sessions are about the 'real life' of performance - not so much having a few takes to get into the zone. But hitting the moment straight-off.

sævar doing his best philosopher's smile.

What is always nice is the interaction we have with the artists, for what is quite an unusual brief for live music rather often. Sometimes we wrap things up, and instruments need to get back to their homes quickly. Or artists need to get back to their tasks. The formalities are brief but always enthusiastic. With excitement about the videos to come.

Sometimes we get to have a bit longer, chatting about all sorts. With S.hel, or Sævar, the topics were particularly interesting.

iðnó is really beautiful. even the chairs

Sat with coffee cake and tea, we discussed place & space as constructs, their importance to identity (and how this becomes.) From situations in the UK, USA and more personal to the both of us. Very fitting for the sessions and thinking about the idea of paradís / paradise.

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