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Place, Space and... Rain pt. 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Talking of place, space & being, it's been a big desire of ours to do a session in a carpark close to Paradís hq.

We know it well, because it's right next to our favourite burger joint, block burger. The carpark itself is a sort of architectural 'living-being' because it's a multistorey that doesn't look like one. The layers are hidden away, I suppose, like a dragon peaking out of its cave.

scene from batman: the dark knight

Anyway, i digress. We thought the perfect set-up for the carpark live session would be with (very) new hip hop group, Regn, and it proved to be quite something.

Getting down early to save a parking space, without a car, it was interesting to take in the normal workings of the carpark. Capturing people in a rush, some using the ticket machine, some who didn't know how to use the ticket machine.

Those moments of free time that sometimes we miss, or don't allow ourselves, often provide the most simple and crisp to cherish. And things also tend to work out. Which is exactly what happened with the camera capturing the exact moment Skúli and Ægir wandered up, trolley-in-tow.

special space for trolleys only

Throughout the day i was hoping for clear blue skies, but rapper Skúli was keen for rain ('regn' meaning rain in english.) It hadn't occurred to me at all that bad weather would be better, until we chatted about it. Thankfully drummer Ægir came prepared with a rain maker(/shaker?) to deliver the elements.

This was absolutely the real life of live performance, a pure live session. Rocking up, setting up, going for it. Then packing up, and wheeling out. Amongst it not too much chat (it was a brisk, cold day) but so much energy and excitement. And lots of laughs about the situation.

It makes sense then again, following from pt. 1, how we can take enjoyment out of situations and create special places, with distinct memories.

Carpark(,) space and a rain maker.

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