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'Shelters one' by Jelena Ćirić

We are proud to release the four-track EP by Jelena Ćirić titled 'Shelters one'.

Go listen now on Spotify or purchase via Bandcamp.

Shelters one EP artwork

Amazing artwork embroidery by Jamie Rawlings. Image by Julie Rowland.

The EP is an intimate collection of 4 songs, each a carefully-crafted “shelter” for both musician and listener. The piano-led pop songs are imbued with a warm, folky sound thanks to accompanying accordion and viola.

Their arrangements are nevertheless spacious and thoughtful, putting Jelena’s ethereal vocals and storytelling prowess centre stage.

“If emotions were gems, these songs would be an attempt to pick them up carefully and turn them until they refract the light,” - Jelena Ćirić

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