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This Time Last Week: Watching Eurosonic 🦔

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Eurosonic, the music showcase festival held annually in Groningen, Netherlands, went online for 2021. It felt like scrolling through Myspace again. That was a nice feeling.

Here are some of our favourites live performances on video:


One of our 'one's to watch' for 2021, Skoffín are known for their energy playing live. They did not disappoint. A proper venue (Gaukurinn), proper stage, making loud noise. Box ticked.


The soon-to-be pop princess of Iceland (the crown is stuck in the post somewhere #covid) delivered an exquisite live set encapsulating the quirky, fun and uplifting tones throughout her debut EP Breakup Blues with aplomb. Oh, and fuck you, Fuckboys.


Northern boys The Goa Express did this absolutely right. Starting backstage, walking on, picking up the guitars. It's supposed to be a gig after all. Even a cheeky "it's nice to see so many faces here today". Absolutely nailed it. The music is banging, too.


Any band that has the drummer singing has our vote. As if just drumming wasn't hard enough. Our favourite song of Eurosonic, Alligot, gave us mega Middle Kids vibes, too, what with the amazing vocals of Anne-Sophie. Raw, honest, just proper indie music.


Another entry from the UK, Bristol in fact, is Katie J Pearson and band. This set was just spectacular. Straight to the heart. Just lots of going "wow" at the screen. Really spectacular.

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Polish band EABS - immersive, exciting, modern jazz. Everybody was "there". Our Faroese neighbours, Joe & the Shitboys. They really gave it everything. Turn the acceleration up and hit full the cruise control. Last but not least BSÍ, Brussel Sprouts International showcased what they're all about in the brilliant underground Reykjavík venue R6013.

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