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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As we approach the winter here in Reykjavík, it's a good time to pause and reflect on the live sessions so far. We're 10/10!

Recorded throughout the summer and beyond, we've been lucky to work with and feature some of the amazing new artists and bands here in Iceland. Those on the cusp. The completely undiscovered talent. Some working away to make it.

Experiencing their sounds in a variety of unplugged mediums - from tin cans and kitchen-ware, to singing bowls, to the simple acoustic guitar. It's been a ball, getting to capture some of these moments. New music in Reykjavík is thriving.

And to some of those moments? What has been the most enjoyable? All of them! Taking in the particulars of each session... working the weather... finding suitable locations... dealing with cars, people and all kinds of other noise. Making things work. Living in the moment.

Taking the boat with finnur was particularly enjoyable. And hilarious. The rocking of the boat, trying to keep everything straight, the boat-goers confused as to what was happening (we'll make that one public soon, promise.) Trying to work out where to film in Hlemmur Mathöll with mill, and finding the hideaway of Rabbar Barinn - and all those wanting some tasy soup at the same time.

Wandering the streets in the heat of (a very brief) summer with bagdad brothers. That was a joyous day. And with s.hel - having iðnó all to ourselves, what a luxury. All the silence afforded, and the sounds you hear when there is no other sound (especially the creaks.)

Watching as regn rode into shot on a shopping trolley. Finding the perfect underpass in the cold with and msea & sunna (not forgetting her amazing, quaint living room setting and session.) To arny & elín, too, and most recently, making use of the kex basement with bsí. All of them special moments. pushing the performance into new territory, asking new questions of these artists. Like, what is paradise?

And so, keep an eye out on the channels for more sessions forthcoming, and some exciting news in the near future as well.



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