an ode to ragnar, who joined us for a sumar sessions finale late in august. he's somebody that knows the reykjavík music scene well, and vice versa, having performed saxophone for several bands down the years. since music school in his hometown of seltjarnarnes - the township north of the reykjavík city lines.

quiet, brisk but naturally confident we heard from him 'leiðin' or "the way" - a song written with the task of finding your path (or indeed, finding yourself along that path.)

in ragnar's own words, it can be "a really short road, if you think about it, you're just standing on it." But having him perform allowed a deeper insight to the mindset and the music. An assured performance documenting the journey, and the experience.

such an appropriate song for our wonders about paradise, but what about if we don't find it? "Maybe the thing is you never reach the end." 

on paradise...

"paradise is now..."




reykjavík, ísland

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