the paradís sessions:


we're always on the look out for new music here in reykjavik, one way or another. and we were lucky to attend a sofar show which included the hip hop duo regn.

round about gig number five for them, this was pretty much love at first sight. rapper skúli carrying natural charisma in abundance, an assurance & energy performing that we wanted to see on an unplugged stage. let's take away the dj. let's unleash something.

everything about the hour we spent in the (mini) multistorey car park off bergstaðastræti was epic. first the arrival, skúli with drummer ægir in tow, loading the kit onto a bónus trolley and bringing that up the stairs. then the set-up, dashing the carpet down, piecing the drums, 'borrowing' a chair from block burger. 

fitting everything together as cars came and went, as locals enquired ("ertu að gera tónlistarmyndband? næs!"), there was a realness to proceedings - it felt like we were living in that moment.


and that kind of honesty very much carries into regn's music. for 'regn' is 'rain' in english, and that name gives you the impression of something pure. hip hop with less of the antics, just real lyrics from the soul.

the punch from the drums was loud, we had to get in close to get the vocal. raw, vibrant, emotive, we followed skúli as he got into the zone. swaying, dancing, feeling everything. when the lyrics mean something to the performer that comes across and we captured that and more. 

the only downside for skúli was the rain had stopped an hour or so before, so ægir was on-hand with the rain-shaker at the right moment. as far as sessions go this was almost cinematic. ever seen memento? maybe you'll feel the same watching above.

on paradise...
"paradise to me is just raw love I guess, a personal view on what makes you whole."




reykjavík, ísland

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