the paradís sessions:


s.hel, aka sævar helgi, is usually found in front of wall of electronic devices. merging soundscapes, fine-tuning compositions, fusing them all to create something ethereal.

this manipulation of sound as a composer/producer is his main love. but when performing he's a wonderful, natural piano player, accompanied with a delicate, personal vocal. when he sings, you expect him to utter secrets of forests or generations long since left this earth. 

following the release of his first solo album 'lucid' earlier in the year, and working around his studies at the icelandic art academy, we invited sævar to the stage at the amazing space of iðnó, where in the main room lies a beautiful big piano, on a beautiful big stage.

host to many luminaries, and an intergral venue for showcasing and incubating the newer talent of reykjavík, iðnó also plays host to a range of one-off gigs and special events (notably the mengi live series, including jfdr.)


we had the whole room to ourselves.

so much space. to breathe, to dance about and to get excited for filming. once the piano was guided from it's hiding place, the cover came off and sævar went about setting up. as well as the silence we were afforded, being alone, you could at the same time hear everything.

the metal cranking of the stool adjusting, the creaking boards as we walked the stage. such a unique atmosphere and location.

that feeling was taken into the session, as sævar performed 'við gengum' (or 'we walked') for us: delicate as ever, but powerful. flinching head movements, motioning to and fro, feeling the notes and accompanying vocal like a ghost. 

on paradise...
moving a lot between cities and countries as a child, I always felt paradise lay in finding my roots or "my home“ - some place that I belonged to.

today I feel different, I‘m happy sitting at my desk working on something new, sipping black coffee with a piano nearby, I‘m happy when walking in the rain and letting my mind drift, I‘m happy when playing music with others and feeling connected without uttering a single word.


that to me is paradise, letting yourself enjoy the moment."




reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

Reykjavík, Iceland.

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