the paradís sessions:

sunna friðjóns

everything is packed into the car, a little late, racing to 105 to meet our next session guest, sunna friðjóns. 

sunna is no stranger to paradís sessions, having accompanied msea earlier in the series. bringing something of a haunting elegance to proceedings there. here, we settle in by the piano in a spacious, light-filled room accompanied by many  plants. very kosý. there's a warmth to the atmosphere, as sunna preps her tea and we converse about all sorts. art, life, being.

this warmth seems natural to sunna, and there's always a closeness to her live performance that draws you in. what an experience then, to be so close, camera-in-hand, to capture this intimate, unplugged performance.


the creaking of the floorboards, of the old piano stool, the tea onto the table. we're ready to begin. playing one of the latter tracks from her 2018 debut album 'enclose' - 'milli svefns og vöku' (or 'between sleep and awake') seems pretty apt.

barely touching the keys (or at least it seems so) as her hands just float along, it's rather entrancing. and entirely natural, poignant even. powerful when needed, delicate in the spaces, sunna's vocal is something else.

and as the candle continues to flicker, what is most special here is the intimacy, the vulnerability. this insight - perhaps even a moment between sleep and awake?

on paradise...

"to me, paradís is a place where I am content with myself. in a state of self-love. following what brings me joy. that is paradise."





reykjavík, ísland

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Paradís Sessions: Live unplugged sessions

Reykjavík, Iceland.

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