tryggvi started everything for us, as the opener to our session series. this was by no means a big feat for him though, as a regular to the acoustic and folk scene here in reykjavík - both solo and in the guise of his previous band, friday night idols.

this was exciting and nervous for us both, and much of that feeling is summed up in tryggvi's song 'stay', written about the insecurities we can face in life.


it's interesting to watch tryggvi perform because it feels so personal, like an old letter invitation. and of course the lyrics are personal to him. alongside roaring, choral tones which left the room in silence. with undivided attention.

on paradise...

"to me, paradise would be the current moment. just being where you are, here and now. it doesn't have to be sunny beaches, or palm trees, or anything like that. to me, it's more like getting out of your comfort zone."

reykjavík, ísland

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